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steam hose

May. 17. 2019

Oil absorption hose manufacturers say that in many industrial applications, we will use high temperature hoses to meet operational requirements. The temperature requirement range is generally within 160 degrees, and the high requirement is up to 200 degrees. In the soft connection of this column, we also ensure the flexibility of the pipeline. With high temperature steam hose, we have developed two series of structure of hose with hot water or hot water as mixture medium. Cloth steam hose and steel wire braided steam hose, which are determined by pressure, are generally not too high. According to the specifications, the pressure range is less than 10 kg under high temperature stress, and the pressure that steel wire can withstand is 15-25 kg. What is the temperature distribution of grade rubber content in oil-absorbing hose manufacturer? In the performance of rubber, ternary is high temperature, climate and high quality oxygen-resistant rubber. In the range of 200 degrees, we use more than ternary synthetic adhesive content 60 to meet the pressure requirements. Silicone hose industry is a product of high temperature series, and metal hose hose is relatively high one. Implementation Specification GB 7548-1987 for Point Cost Steam Hose This Specification describes in detail the production, structure, inspection and details of the product.

Structure: Ethylene propylene rubber inner layer, cord reinforcement layer, steel framework reinforcement layer, cord reinforcement layer and three EPR outer layer.

Features: High temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, small internal and external tolerances, ozone resistance, wear resistance.

Purpose: Used for transporting steam and hot water.

Temperature range: - 40 C + 210 C

Length: Standard 20m, specific length can be fixed as required.